eXcellence and SCUF re-establish Partnership w/ Long term Deal

Fri 1st Apr 2016 - 4:35pm Gaming

We are proud to announce a re-established long term partnership with SCUF Gaming! eXcellence and SCUF began their partneship in April of 2015 and with the year that has passed, many strong foundations have been layed for the long term. 

We look forward as an organization to continue our march to "StriveForeXcellence" with the best controller company over 90% of Professional Players use. 

When purchasing anything from SCUF, make sure to use our code "eXcellence" to recieve a 5% discount on all purchase made through 


About eXcellence:

eXcellence was created by owner and founder Jon “Jven” Venable in May 2014.
Upon establishment, he believed that the most successful person would be whomever is
always thinking outside of the box. His goal was not only be the best and have the most
professional young adults in the industry, but to also improve the e-sports community.
Through these ideas he established multiple professional and amateur teams across
Halo, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offense, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six:Siege. 

Moving forward, we plan to strive for eXcellence against the best in the industry
while maintaining our core values!


About SCUF: 

Scuf Gaming® is a Global Leader and Innovator in eSports, providing Tactical Gear for Elite Gamers. More than 90% of the world’s top professional gamers in shooters use a SCUF.

Selling high-end accessories and customized gaming controllers for PC and Console, SCUF offers a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. Built to specification, SCUF controllers cater to professional and hardcore gamers who are looking for that edge and recognize that one size does not fit all.

The primary focus for SCUF controllers are the functional features, which go toward improving your game, allowing you to reduce latency and use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way.

The SCUF controller has features, which are covered by 18 granted patents, and another 41 pending; protecting 3 key areas of a controller; back control functions and handles, trigger control mechanisms and thumbstick control area.

Scuf Gaming is the official controller partner of major gaming leagues,  MLG, ESL, Gfinity, EGL, UMG and ESWC. With operations and production in North America and Europe, Scuf Gaming also provides a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for Elite Gamers.




Jonathan Venable

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